Nano Ionic

Nutrient Additive

FULLON™ is a new Proprietary Nano Ionic Nutrient Additive that sets new levels of nutrient uptake and conversion to new cell divisions and overall plant growth.

When applied correctly, FULLON™ excels in use with Houseplants, Succulents, Field Crops, Orchards, Turf & Garden, floraculture, Commercial Greenhouses, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Deep Water Culture, all Soil and Soilless media,
and Dosatron™ or other automated feeding system application.

FULLON™ will increase nutrient uptake and NPK utilization, greatly reducing the need for NPK fertilizers.

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Giving plants less NPK’s (that aren’t needed with FULLON) throughout their growing cycle means cleaner, healthier and better quality produce. Through a holistic and organic approach to horticulture, Grow Switch has created an entirely new nano nutrient technology that is revolutionizing growing AND changing the game when it comes to finished product. FULLON is a major improvement to fruit quality that you have to taste to believe!

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Studies in 2012 have proven new ground-breaking levels of nutrient density (35% increase over control) and cell reproduction rates when used in conjunction with reduced levels of NPK-based fertilizers.

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Massive Cocoa Harvest

Cacao Farm in the Philippines. A test site of FullOn

A FULLON study on Cocoa performed by DavaoPonics or JJAA Agricultural Products Trading is a company based in Davao City. Known as the “Fruit Basket of the Philippines”, and it remains to be the leading exporter of fruits in the country.

Tests of FULLON on Pechay

FULLON was tested in 2015, 2019, and 2021 on a farm in the Philippines with great success. Results of the study indicated that growth and yield of pechay, similar to Bok Choi, were significantly affected by FULLON with an increase in growth and weight of the finished crop compared to the control plots. In addition, the use of FULLON created higher nutrient density in the tested crop - creating both a more robust and healthier harvest!

2021 Terminal Report

2019 Terminal Report

2015 Terminal Report

  • Fast!

    We didn’t start out looking to reduce cycle times but it’s become something that’s now impossible to ignore based on grower feedback for over six years.

  • Ripe!

    Consistently, we hear about FULLON reducing cycle times by one to two weeks in all grow environments and with all nutrient packages. Plus, consistently improved genetic expression, terpenes and added weight.

  • Bountiful!

    Commercial growers using FULLON are able to increase from 5 to 6 cycles per year. Adding an additional 25% to 35% annual production capacity by adding Full On to the feeding regimen.